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Posted by: | on Saturday, June 9, 2018

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  1. papasilo says:

    I have the same exact relationship with my mother...No need to be surprised, my friend! LOL

  2. ansoncat says:

    That 650hp Evo was no fucking joke

  3. tmcguire says:

    Who the hell is this bitch he's a ridiculous asshole

  4. TSmitty says:

    Those cops are assholes.

  5. aminaq says:

    Lmaoo you're so dumb cause you know you would still fuck her so stfu.

  6. jac2179315 says:

    what the hell, why would you act like that I don't think alcohol was the cause

  7. Qangolik says:

    they aren't pakistanis.... guys use some common sense ...SLUTS !

  8. chsims1 says:

    Yes ,,, how else are assholes created???

  9. Madduck says:

    Sucks for Lindsey Lohan. Meanwhile the Olsen are worth $150 million a piece.

  10. djengel79 says:

    I honestly felt like throwing up thinking about that dead whale carcass. Blegh! Omg!! It's too gross!

  11. Wraith147 says:

    Madison Ivy and Heather Starlet

  12. jsheely says:

    i mean..why isn't the skull make-up here?

  13. Ryn4242 says:

    in finland we have sex ed for 5 graders...

  14. maznanda says:

    was this secretly made in like 2010 or something

  15. Karzin says:

    you seem so nice and caring for everyone you are like goals and my role model!!

  16. mits_24 says:

    He's also now charged with stealing over $30,000 from an old lady. I believed his whole

  17. Tmbn says:

    How the fuck did I fucking get here e.eSorry for cussing e.e

  18. TobyJustus says:

    is that like real

  19. Smoke says:

    The music sounds like a cat being swung by its tail on the end of a rope

  20. SheltonMar says:

    Someone please pick up that yellow bike that fell out of nowhere lol

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