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Posted by: | on Sunday, December 10, 2017

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  1. rhouck says:

    The Beautiful People ( background music ) thumbs up i ya like !! ) :P

  2. QuadFore says:

    Attention whoring bitches aren't allowed to judge people. Sorry

  3. JamesMusicus says:

    Stupid idiots this videos 7 years old already bitch moved up 4 sizes by now

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    No , she should become the president of Pakistan

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    All of it looks good that booty is phat

  10. th23 says:

    I would still be fat if I ate like zoey

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  12. marten_de says:

    ang ganda . .. . . kaso lustred na yung boobs :P

  13. thonthegame says:

    i like it;) im 17 rite now & yu gotta enjoy yur yung years no liee:)

  14. DickovDK says:

    ok... don't think I said she was a bad mom tho

  15. haunsedrip says:

    Korean girls all about cute no taste at all

  16. Speed666 says:

    Here you can see a profesional dickhead at the end of the video

  17. docxa says:

    Y'all should do teens react to WWE

  18. drpepper says:

    My ass looks pretty sweet :)

  19. swanandkumar says:

    He meant in like looks and stuff besides he says stuff for COMEDY PURPOSES so yeah

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    I would of breakdanced my way out of there.. Pronto lol

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    She's a fucking skank.

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